March 15 - 16, 2016

Omaha, NE

Who Should Attend

Targeted at all operators, technical and operations manager, as well as lab managers and technicians.

Please note this seminar is only available for Ethanol Plant Employees.

Presenting Companies


Presented by: Phibro Ethanol Performance Group

Even the smallest microbial infection can cost your plant hundreds of thousands of dollars in unrealized profit annually. This session provides solutions that every plant operator should know, including proper sanitation, appropriate antimicrobial application, data analysis and root-cause investigation techniques. Following the session, you will have tools and knowledge to answer questions related to dosing, resistance and much more.

Water Treatment

Presented by: Fremont Industries

The session will build on the basics of proper water treatment and provide tips focused on maximizing ethanol plant efficiency. The experienced Fremont staff will highlight these core topics, water treatment opportunities; bacterial growth and treatment; filtration; and long-term capital investments.

Enzyme Management

Presented by: Novozymes

Innovative enzyme technology can improve your ethanol production process and increase your operation's profitability. This session, led by Novozymes, will focus on enzyme optimization capabilities to reduce chemical inputs, increase production yield and enhance co-product value.

Yeast Management

Presented by: Leaf - Lesaffre Advanced Fermentations

In the fuel ethanol industry, we find ourselves in an ever-changing, marketplace that is facing higher input costs and increased competition. Because of these market dynamics, and in order to have long-term success, producers will need to become more efficient in their production processes. Obviously, yeast is a critical component of the ethanol production process, and as a result, yeast and yeast management practices should be reviewed and evaluated in order to find innovative ways of maximizing yeast performance.

The Leaf Technical training is designed to address these specific needs of the Bio-Ethanol Producer in terms of fermentation performance and plant optimization. The program will also address new developments in yeast and yeast management for the Bio-Ethanol industry in a manner designed to empower key decision makers with the necessary tools and information to maximize efficiency, profitability and sustainability.


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Class sizes are limited so early registration is suggested.

  • Early Registration $495 through March 4, 2016.
  • Registration after March 4 is $595.
  • Registration includes all sessions and meals.