Process Optimization Seminar is now offering its thirteenth installment.

Operator's Training - March 15-16, 2016 - Omaha, Nebraska

This thirteen installment of the Process Optimization Seminar series is for operators, and designed to help you capture the highest level of profitability from your plant's fermentation process. It is conducted by the technical staff of four of the industry's most trusted suppliers: Phibro Ethanol Performance group, Novozymes, Fremont industries and Leaf. This seminar tackles a wide range of issues, from providing a technical review of key process aids to new process technologies needed to make your job easier and your plant more profitable.

This seminar will sharpen your knowledge of the most critical areas of fermentation: yeast, antimicrobials, enzymes and water treatment. This seminar will NOT be a sales presentation; our instructors are experts in their fields and will share their knowledge gained from years of experience and training on fermentation issues.

All of the past events have been sold out, so we encourage you to register early. The consensus from the hundreds of plant staff that have attended prior events is "using the information presented has made a positive difference their plants" !

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Next Seminar: Operator's Training - March 15-16, 2016 • Omaha, NE